Color Color Color!

I liked the idea for this week but acctually getting it done was another story. I was really conffused the first week so I just worked on photos that I took at my youth group. When I took more time to look at other examples this assignment made a bit more sence. So these are the photos that I took. The ideas that were in my head were a much better than what acctually came out.

So this was the first attempts at this project I think that it represents contrast. I found a small yellow piece of paper that my phone barley fit onto. I took about 20 different photos from different angles and lighting for to get this photos and still I do not like it. The lighting in my house is the worst so many of my photos were useless because the coloring was so off.

I was attempting monochromatic. I had a pink towel and a pink fake flower. This is what came out after a lot of editing trying to make the picture not so yellow and just gross. I like it more than the originals. I think that it came out pretty good from what I started with.

This is the original. Everywhere in my house had the worst lighting, the phone photo was in my living room in a corner with little light and this is directly under the light in my dinning room and it sucks just as bad.

 This picture is not so bad. I figured out how to use the white balance dropper. In this photo I changed the coloring and i had to straighten out the photo. Its a cool photo Poquito mas was one of my favorite fast food mexican restaurants.

I really like this photo it cam out really good. When I got into photoshop I did not have to do much editing. Actually I do not believe that I did any thing maybe made the blacks a wee bit stronger but other than that I did nothing. I got my inspiration from. The only thing that bugs me is the front pretzel because its all out of focus. These are peanut butter filled pretzels good you can get a big tub thing of them at Costco. So good!

I ran out of ideas that worked so I found some crayons and decided to make the color wheel.

When I was taking these pictures I was shooting from all different angles and this is my favorite because it just looks cool. I like it.

I tried to do the contrasting colors. I do not really like this photo.

I think that this picture came out good as you can see I attempted to take a chunk out of the pie. i think that it works almost.

I honestly did not do my best in this blog I had a lot of great ideas but they just did not happen. The photos that I took came out good for the most part but i was really disappointed in myself for not following through with my imagination. I do have good    ideas I need to work on making my ideas come to life so that I can improve.

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